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Inventra is a Desktop Application designed for small business. it automates stock keeping and manage sales and purchases and depicts item status at current time, provide quick and detailed reports of sales, stock, purchases, accounts. it consist of independent integrated modules. each module is designed for specific department. Modules are;
* Dealers/Vendors * Purchase Management * Sales Management * Accounts Management * User Management * Sales Persons * Reports


E.P.A stands for Employ Project & Accounts Management. Particularly developed for construction companies.

Installation of E.P.A straight away automates three major departments of a company which are; Employ Management, Project Management & Accounts Management. Its special feature of Automatic Material Estimation for building construction as per global standards makes it more valuable and worth using.


An application which completely automates the work flow of any Real Estate agency.

From the arrival of client till the sell of any property, covering token generation in between, this system saves each and every record of all your business activities.

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